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Australia's Rba Considered Delaying Rate Cut - Nasdaq.com

APRA announced in December click here new guidelines for lending to property investors. The RBA said it would be visit our website important to assess the effects of these measures. Some economists have warned that pockets of the housing markets are now showing "bubble-like" conditions, making the rate cut potentially risky. The resource-rich economy has been hit hard in the last year by falling commodity, particularly for iron ore and coal, it's two biggest exports. Investment in resources has collapsed and is yet to be replaced by capital site web spending in other areas of the economy. A high Australian dollar had added to the woes of the economy, albeit it has now fall by close to 30% since its historic peaks above parity in 2011. The Australian dollar has fallen a long way against the U.S dollar, but not so against other major currencies. "A lower exchange rate was likely to be needed to achieve balanced growth in the economy," the minutes said.
More: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/australias-rba-considered-delaying-rate-cut-20150216-00343

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