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Austria's Reichelt Wins Worlds Super-g; Miller Has Surgery - Abc News

Adrien Theaux of France earned the bronze. Everyone was talking about Miller's horrific crash, including the winner. "If you know Bode, sometimes it looks really bad, then he stands up and nothing happened," Reichelt said. "I hope he's safe and nothing happened." No such luck. Miller underwent surgery on Thursday and is done for worlds. Miller said on his Twitter account after the operation: "Feeling lucky since things could have been stocks way worse." Miller stock market had a strong run going when he hooked his left arm on a gate, spun backward, lost his right ski, then his left, and went somersaulting down the mountain. He appeared to fall on top of one of his bouncing skis, causing the deep wound. Miller gingerly got up, retrieved his gear and even finished the race as his wife, pro volleyball player Morgan Miller, watched in the gallery while holding his son.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/reichelt-leads-super-top-30-world-championships-28755055

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